Is Cruising in a Balcony Stateroom Really Worth It?


You have finally narrowed down the ship and itinerary of your next cruise vacation. Now, whether you are a first time cruiser, or an old sea dog with 143 cruises under your belt, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is, “What type of cabin do I want?”

Cruise ship cabin types include interior, ocean view, balcony, and suite, with prices varying depending on size and location.

For many, the decision comes down to an interior stateroom vs. a balcony stateroom. Value vs.  Experience.

So, is a balcony stateroom really worth it? All can be chalked up to personal preference; however, if cruising in a balcony is an option for you, you should definitely try it out.

You should definitely try it out because we feel that a balcony cabin is ridiculously worth it. Okay, hear me out those of you who are thinking you’re never really in your room anyway, or it costs way too much.

Modern cruise ships feature more balconies than ever, so you are not paying for one of only 10 available verandah staterooms on a vessel, there are hundreds to choose from which really helps to bring the overall cost down.

For example, take a stroll through our Last Minute Oasis and Allure of the Seas deals on iCruise.com, notice that you can book an interior stateroom for $107/day on the largest cruise ships in the world, but did you see that the balconies on the same sailing are only $121/day? 

Yes, you can always go on the top deck and take in the views, but there is nothing like having your own private balcony. Not only is there peace and quiet, the scenery changes constantly, whether you’re sailing along the Inside Passage of Alaska or docked among the pink pastels of Bermuda, you have an almost constant view of some of the most beautiful destinations you’ll ever see.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, a balcony not only makes the cabin feel larger, but it provides you with fresh air and natural light, both pretty important for humans. If you are one of those said humans but require absolute darkness to sleep, there are blackout curtains you can use to help you sleep-in in the morning.

Then when you do wake up, avoid the people crowds, order in breakfast, and say hello to dolphins, whales, bears, or other wildlife depending on your destination.

If you are taking time to go on a cruise you better treat yourself right — give yourself the best chance of having the most amazing vacation possible.

And remember, the answer is YES a balcony is ridiculously worth it.

I mean, c’mon. Now THAT is vacation!

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