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Day 12 – November 09, 2009

Oasis of the Seas is the first cruise ship to have the bridge and safety center physically separated, yet closely connected. Learn about the duties of the marine crew in the safety center, and how its physical separation aboard Oasis helps it to be more efficient.

It’s almost Friday! The anticipation is just getting out of control. 😛

Exciting update from Royal Caribbean’s FaceBook page today- “Be a part of history and witness Royal Caribbean’s highly anticipated Oasis of the Seas’ arrival this Friday 11/13. There will be a public welcoming event held at the Jetty Pavilion in John U. Lloyd Beach State Park in Dania Beach, FL from 7-10 a.m. There will be refreshments, giveaways and more!”

But do not fret fellow iCruisers outside of the the South Florida area, you can definitely watch live feed of Oasis of the Seas’ grand entrance into the Port Everglades Inlet here;

Aside from that, Oasis of the Seas is full speed ahead to ensure a timely entrance into Port Everglades. More talk of the busy busy day-to-day life aboard the Oasis of the Seas regarding preparations from both Richard Fain, Chairman & CEO and Lisa Bauer, Senior VP of Hotel Operations.

Read Richard Fain’s post on the technical preparations and behind-the-scenes operations here;

Lisa Bauer’s post on all the restaurant openings and different stages of entertainment rehearsals can be read here;

Day 11 – November 08, 2009

What better place to build the world’s largest cruise ship than in Finland’s capital of shipbuilding? Learn about Turku’s rich history and tradition of shipbuilding and its close relationship with Royal Caribbean and Oasis of the Seas.

Senior VP of Hotel Operations for Royal Caribbean Cruises, Lisa Bauer has been pretty busy, yet she’s still managed to write post after post on the “Why Not?” blog.

Read about her inside scoop of behind the scenes on Oasis of the Seas when it comes to ‘stress testing’, training, and the challenges they face –

Also, the Coach Store had it’s grand opening, and Lisa answers some questions about the Cupcake Cupboard here –

The important details regarding the delicious cupcakes is that the Cupcake Cupboard will be “charging $2.50 per cupcake or $12.50 for a half dozen and $20.00 for a dozen cupcakes.” Which is actually considered serious undercharging in the gourmet cupcake world.

Day 10 – November 07, 2009

This video is great, that view from Deck 15 above the Boardwalk and face the AquaTheater is incredible. Check out the still shot here;

Two retired Royal Caribbean captains are on Oasis of the Seas to experience the transatlantic crossing. Get their expert opinions of how the ship has fared, the temperamental North Atlantic weather and all Oasis has to offer to her guests.

Amazing feats have been accomplished with everything Oasis of the Seas. Whether it’s the entertainment, the actual engineering of the ship, the restaurants, architecture, even micro-climate development, you name it, there’s innovative success behind it.

Today, Richard Fain, Chairman & CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises wanted to highlight the success of Oasis of the Seas’ homeport, Port Everglades.

Read his post on the Chairman’s Blog here:

Day 9 – November 06, 2009

Working on two shows aboard Oasis of the Seas, music director Jonathan Hopes is a man of many talents. Learn how he’s able to organize rehearsals throughout the ship, from Dazzles to staterooms and make sure everything is ready for Oasis’ arrival.

Updates aside from Captain Wright’s video-blog…

1. The Cupcake Cupboard is now open! Read RCI Senior VP of Hotel Operations Lisa Bauer’s blog on the delicious opening day here:

2. Oasis of the Seas has a new ETA into Port Everglades due to the bad weather in the North Atlantic Ocean. The hurricane-force winds and waves have put her two days behind schedule. She will now arrive the morning of November 13, 2009. The late arrival should not prevent any inaugural events that are scheduled.

Day 7 – November 04, 2009

With so many guests expected from around the world, Oasis of the Seas‘ International ambassadors will be kept busy on every cruise. Learn about their duties on board, from providing translations on the bridge to helping passengers throughout the ship.

Oasis of the Seas is still sailing through some of the roughest weather conditions she’ll ever see; but what better test of day-to-day life on board than experiencing it at near-hurricane force winds. 😛

Day 6 – November 03, 2009

As the largest and most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas has been designed with energy efficiency and the environment in mind. Meet the ship’s Environmental Officer as he gives you a look into his world of waste management.

“It seems that we have managed to time our crossing perfectly to coincide with the worst of a north Atlantic winter storm. That storm has resulted in relative wind speeds of 60-70 mph (a hurricane starts at 74 mph). It has also resulted in significant wave heights of up to 30 feet… I’m told that the ship is so stable that the crew can barely feel the storm.” – Richard Fain, Chairman & CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises in his blog posted November 3, 2009.
His blog can be read in it’s entirety here:

Captain William Wright is more than pleased with Oasis of the Seas’ handling in such rough weather. It truly is a testament to the engineering of the largest cruise ship in the world.

Because of the weather though, it looks like the entertainers rehearsing in the Opal Theater are having better luck than those needing to practice in the Aquatheater.

Day 5 – November 02, 2009

From Broadway to the open sea, the cast of Hairspray on Oasis of the Seas has been working hard to be ready for the show’s premiere. Meet the show’s lead actors and director as they share what it means to be part of this incredible production.

Perfecting the masterpiece that is Oasis of the Seas. :)

Day 4 – November 01, 2009

As Oasis of the Seas makes her way to the Atlantic, construction continues on board. Get an inside view from the workers as they build in high winds and waves and put the finishing touches on the newest addition to Royal Caribbean’s fleet.

Hold your breath… this is going to be a close one.

Day 3 – October 31, 2009

Every journey has its milestones and Oasis of the Seas‘ trip to Port Everglades is no different. Join Captain William Wright as he pilots the ship under the Storebaelt Bridge, making use of the ship’s innovative retractable smokestack.

Day 2 – October 30, 2009

As Oasis of the Seas continues her journey to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Capt. Wright discusses the experience of handling the world’s largest cruise ship. Plus, hear from crew members as they describe what it feels like to be working aboard Oasis of the Sea